No materials are as close to us like the textiles on our skin. We wear clothes 24/7 but it is frightening how little we know about the materials and energies that have been used to produce them, how they were made and with what kind of chemicals and colors they have been treated.


Did you know that the cotton plant (GMO), a supposed natural and quite environment friendly material, is treated with about 8.000 different pesticides during its life? 

These plants are genetically engineered, which means that these plants do not produce new seeds. If one plant dies the farmer must buy a new plant.

If you buy a common cotton T-shirt made of this GMO cotton, about 2.700L of water were used to produce this single shirt.


The organic cotton our products are made of is certified with the GOTS-label (Global Organic Textile Standard) the strictest certification for textiles made from organic fibres.

This organic cotton is free of GMO, no chemicals were used for growing the plants. Furthermore the cotton was processed and deyed without the use of toxic substances.


Most of the organic cotton is grown on little farms because the genetically engineered seeds, the pesticides and chemicals are too expensive for them. These little farms for organic cotton use plants which produce seeds for new plants and natural fertilizing.

Organic cotton is not only better for your skin but also for the people who work on the field and in the process chain from the plant to a textile.


The raw products are refined by local partners in our region.


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